Here is a small sample of my storyboard work for the Amazon Prime series “Undone”. The story follows the cosmic journey of a young woman who treks across time, space, and beyond to solve the mystery of her father’s death.

The sample below is part of the teaser trailer that was just released. I was lead storyboard artist, which means that I was on the small team that created the first draft of rough storyboards, clearing up all staging issues and camera angles in close collaboration with the director.

I will share more of my work when the series is released in the fall of 2019.


 Heinz the Movie

A selection from early storyboards for the Dutch animated feature film "Heinz The Movie". The film was directed by Piet Kroon and is set for a 2019 release. The animatics and moving storyboards are quite rough but that’s because this is a very first (and very rough) pass of the board., visualising directly from the script.

And a few moving storyboards. Very rough with temp voices and soundtrack.


Ticking Away

A selection from the boards for my animated short film Ticking Away.


These are early storyboards iterations for my short animations for the Dutch Sesame Street.