Berwtje - KPN

Character design for Dutch telecomm provider KPN. The main purpose for this character was to help their clients and customers find their way through their services and products as well as to help the client, either through animation, stills or illustrated print, work through the manuals and setting of KPN's telecomm products.

Factor 15

For Factor 15 (a magazine for employees of the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice) I illustrated an article about the recent computer woes that the workers have been experiencing.

Speel je Toekomst - Aegon

The insurance company Aegon launched an online platform where visitors can find out how events and choices in their lives will impact the buildup of their pensions. Here's a short video (made by Aegon) explaining the concept.

For the animation I was asked to develop and design the characters, draw the storyboards and provide the rigging of the characters.

Thumbnail planning for animation;

Here’s how the rigging looks;

Regen / Rain

One of the most interesting projects I’ve ever had the privilege of working on was the animated series “Dicht/Vorm” for the Dutch producers duo Il Luster Productions . A number of animators/filmmakers were given a poem from the classical Dutch canon and asked to submit an idea for an animated film based on the poem. If awarded the idea would be realised into a short film.

My proposal was based on Regen (Rain) by J.H. Leopold. Here is the result.

Here are a few stills from the film.

Hello and Welcome!

I have a Blog! I'm Michael Sewnarain (that's long-form for Sewie) my website has gotten old and cumbersome to update so I took it off-line for now (will be back soon, new and improved!) so I will be posting my creative rumblings over here; look forward to some old stuff, new stuff, making-off's, works in progress, sketches and whatnot. Everything straight from the dungeon!