Factor 15

For Factor 15 (a magazine for employees of the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice) I illustrated an article about the recent computer woes that the workers have been experiencing.

Speel je Toekomst - Aegon

The insurance company Aegon launched an online platform where visitors can find out how events and choices in their lives will impact the buildup of their pensions. Here's a short video (made by Aegon) explaining the concept.

For the animation I was asked to develop and design the characters, draw the storyboards and provide the rigging of the characters.

Thumbnail planning for animation;

Here’s how the rigging looks;

Regen / Rain

One of the most interesting projects I’ve ever had the privilege of working on was the animated series “Dicht/Vorm” for the Dutch producers duo Il Luster Productions . A number of animators/filmmakers were given a poem from the classical Dutch canon and asked to submit an idea for an animated film based on the poem. If awarded the idea would be realised into a short film.

My proposal was based on Regen (Rain) by J.H. Leopold. Here is the result.

Here are a few stills from the film.

Hello and Welcome!

I have a Blog! I'm Michael Sewnarain (that's long-form for Sewie) my website has gotten old and cumbersome to update so I took it off-line for now (will be back soon, new and improved!) so I will be posting my creative rumblings over here; look forward to some old stuff, new stuff, making-off's, works in progress, sketches and whatnot. Everything straight from the dungeon!