Heinz - The Movie

On 18th of April 2019 “Heinz - the Movie” will premiere in the Netherlands. It’s an animated feature film that I was involved with during it’s early storyboard stage. It is based on the Dutch cartoon by René Windig & Eddie de Jong.

Piet Kroon directed and Bosbros and Submarine produced in The Netherlands. Fabrique Fantastique produced in Belgium.

Here is a selection of my work as story artist. You can find more on my storyboard page.

The animatics, or moving storyboards (further below), are quite rough but that’s because this is a very first - and very rough - pass of the board, visualising directly from the script.

And a selection from the animatics. Very rough with temp voices and soundtrack. More on my storyboard page.

Pass It On

Some years ago I had the great honor of working under the direction of Joanna Quinn at her studio -Beryl Productions- on one of their animated commercials. This one was for Charmin Toilet Paper. I did the rough animation after which the crew at Beryl took over to do clean-up and rendering. All this was done on paper and cells back then.

Berwtje - KPN

Character design for Dutch telecomm provider KPN. The main purpose for this character was to help their clients and customers find their way through their services and products as well as to help the client, either through animation, stills or illustrated print, work through the manuals and setting of KPN's telecomm products.


Factor 15

For Factor 15 (a magazine for employees of the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice) I illustrated an article about the recent computer woes that the workers have been experiencing.